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phoca thumb s anzac day 2023 main service2 ex peter daneANZAC Day 2023 in our club was another great success thanks to the many volunteers; from breakfast, fundraising, entertainment, crowd control, and clean-up and of course our great staff who were all run off their feet all day.

Thanks to our member, The Honourable, Josh Willie, MLC who provided us with a truly stirring and thought-provoking address at the main Service.

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We do need to recognise a club stalwart who did a wonderful job of bringing all the moving parts together in his usual selfless manner to make the ceremonial and logistical aspects of our day amongst the very best we have experienced in our club. So, many thanks to Peter Dane who continues to be well supported by Mary and a tight band of caring community members from within our ranks.

This year saw the introduction of our ANZAC Port Barrel, the Barrel and 100% of the contents were donated to the club from within our membership.

It took 30 bottles to fill the 20-litre barrel and that left us with some spares. The port was blended in the previously seasoned barrel, and on ANZAC Day the Port was available to members and guests for a gold coin donation to Legacy (there were many notes in the tin). The Port Barrel raised $363.40 and with the gold coin donation from Breakfast raising a further $334.30. We were delighted to present $697.70 to Legacy for the benefit of the Children and Widows/Widowers of seriously injured or deceased Service personnel.

The following members (and a couple of anonymous benefactors) donated 37 bottles of port with a total value well over $500 dollars. The Barrel is again full and will come out on special occessions.

Elise Archer

Pete McGee

The Hazi’s

Don Ryan

Vicki McShane

Tony Westbrook

Robert Mason

Rhonda Ryan

Mike Howarth

Andy McShane

John Kawa

Peter and Mary Dane

Garry Shaw

Ian Dobson

Tony and Linda Kube

Barry King

Josh Weir

Eric Pinkard

David Gainsford

Steve Stapleton

Maureen and Brian Chipman

Andrew and Naomi Hansen

Tracey and Tony Jansen

Ruby and Bill Wheeler

The afternoon entertainment with the two-up being run by Garry Shaw and Mark Jones was a heap of fun and will certainly return next year.

The club continues to be well supported in a manner that allows us to continue in our primary goal of supporting the wellbeing of Veterans and their families. We are proud to remain a destination of choice that welcomes the community and their families into a safe and inviting venue.

The Committee passes on our thanks and gratitude to all the membership for attending with your guests and making a success of one of the largest dates on our calendar. We look forward to seeing you in the club again soon.

Editorial: Andy McShane Photos: Peter Dane

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