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Its fair to say that we were a little surprised by the increased turnouts for both the Dawn Service and the Main Service in 2024. In fact estimates were made more difficult as there were a number of people who viewed both services from John Turnbull Park.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Read More ...

The excellent Dawn Service, conducted by Peter Dane and the Reverend Bill Stewart was attended by about 500 people. Lindsay McTye provided a photo presentation on the wall of the Pat Murnane Memorial Hall. Thomas Martin McTye DCM – WW1 veteran (Lindsay’s grandfather) was the subject of the Veteran Dedication, provided by Adele McTye.

The ODE was recited by our President Andrew McShane, at both the Dawn and Main Services.

The Dawn Service was followed by breakfast in the Clubrooms. Breakfast was prepared by volunteers, Mick Lewis and Sandesh Limbu and we thank them very much for their efforts.

The Main Service (and March) was also very well attended by over 600 people.

Once again, the City of Hobart Highland Pipe Band lead the March. We would like to take this opportunity to especially thank them, as they have supported our services for over 50 years.

The Main Service was also conducted by Peter Dane and the Rev. Bill Stewart.

Clifford and Corbetta “Betty” Coppin, two hard working members of the Lenah Valley RSL were the subject of of the Veteran Dedication, provided by Adele McTye.

Mr John Wadsley provided the ANZAC Address (see separate article).

The Last Post and Rouse at both services were played by Noel Hunt and we thank Noel very much for his continued contribution to our ANZAC Day services.

The contribution by the respective choirs, bands, participation by our local schools and the laying of wreaths at both services all contributed to a fantastic Commemorative Service.

A poignant rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” by Deep South Chorus followed the Service.

We thank Peter Dane for his ongoing contribution to our major LVRSL Commemorative Events.

Peter is supported by our volunteers (at least 46 individuals) and sent a thankyou memo to them following the ANZAC Day Services. It was another outstanding team effort.

We also very much appreciate the ongoing support provided by twelve local businesses. We would struggle without their support.

Finally, our thanks to the Lenah Valley Community for their continued support on this important day.

Note: Photographs have also been provided by Peter Dane - with numerous additional photos available on the Facebook page.


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